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Pet Stores in California


Goldfish Plus
1025-1027 N. Grand Ave
Covina, CA 91723
# (626)966-2308.

Has usually a lot of breeds in the store, but also does special orders on a special fish (just ask for Peter Pang, the owner)

Culver City

Apex Aquariums

Review #1:
The store with the best goldfish selection.

Review #2:
Many varieties of tropical, goldfish and salt water fish. I thought that the shop was not very well maintained and it was very cluttered. They had many of the tanks with medication in them (not Q tanks). The water in the goldfish tanks seemed cloudy and were way over stocked. The two people that I spoke to were not very customer friendly.

Canoga Park

Aquarium City
21723 Sherman Way

Review :
Very decent selection of goldfish and at least one very goldfish knowledgeable employee. Large selection of supplies. Will put your name on a list for special orders. Will take your fish in trade for store credit. Quarantines and treats sick fish and will not sell sick fish.
"Lynda Von G"


The Ocean Floor
7072 Market Place Dr
(805) 685-2799
Great store, specializes in salt water, koi and plants.

Pet House
5781 Calle Real
(805) 967-7716
Great store. Lots of helpful people, goldfish and plenty of plants to choose from.

San Diego

Goldfish World
3860 Convoy Street
No information at this time.

El Segundo

Wong Gene Goldfish
No information at this time.

Jims Exotic Fish
Review #1:
Not that many goldies around this time, but an immaculate kept store, huge selection of tropical and marine fish, as well as beautiful planted tanks.

Review #2:
Even though they didn't have a large variety of goldfish their shop was very clean and well maintained and the help went out of their way to assist the customers. I would go there again and I wouldn't worry about getting a bad fish.

Long Beach

Simply Fish
Located on the corner of Carson Blvd and Los Coyotes
Now there is a great fish store.


Whities Pets
5215 N. Blackstone
(559) 438-4343
We have a great selection of fancy goldfish and can custom order fish. We get a lot of goldfish in that you dont find at other stores, like black ranchu, panda moors, celestials and bubble eyes, and very large orandas. We also have a lot of different foods and medications, as well as a great selection of tropical, different types of bettas, and saltwater fish. I would shop there regularly even if I didnt work there. Its a family owned and operated store, not a chain.


Mermaid aquariums
46513 Mission Blvd
(510) 498-8272

They have nice and huge goldfishes for sale. They are mainly a tropical/marine aquarium store, but they have a great set-up in their shop.

Family Pets
40645 Fremont Blvd # 20
(510) 979-1468
Specializes in fresh water fish. Mom & Pop store that's been around for awhile.


Aquatic Variations
1774 Miramonte Ave
(650) 961-3474

They are freshwater specialist (mainly Cichlids), but are very knowledgeable and helpful and will special order if needed.

San Francisco

Nippon Goldfish Company
3109 Geary Boulevard

They have a very nice selection of GF

San Francisco

Pet Central
660 Broadway
(415) 399-0164
I cannot put into words how AMAZINGLY awesome this store is. Tons of EVERY type of goldfish, koi, tropicals and bettas imaginable. Even rare tail types/species. Very knowlagable, they'll ask if you have a tank and enough food. Water is PRISTINE, and the fish are fat and happy. I've heard though not to go when the manager is on vacation because the employees aren't as tip-top, but I've never seen in person if this is true or not. Very friendly and family owned. DIRT CHEAP goldfish, they had a sale at $1.99 a pearscale/moor! They're biggest goldfish are at least 8 inches, amazing. I recoment this to everyone! TamtheLittleBlackMoor


Capitol Aquarium

A pretty awesome place. They quarantine new fish and fish that appear sick. They have a big electric eel (NFS) as well as a 1000+ gallon tank with 3-4 foot arawanas, 15" clown loaches, huge catfish and other awe-inspiring specimens. They have an indoor koi pond at the entrance, a big selection of nicely displayed plants. The staff is pretty knowledgeable. Oh, and they keep their bettas in partitioned, filtered tanks, not pathetic little cups. Oh, and they have these big, beautiful discus. Anyplace that can maintain such nice-looking discus gets my respect. I like going in there even when I'm not looking to buy. I've even seen school field trips in there. It's that cool.


Capitol aquarium
1920 29th St - at corner of 29th & T
Open since 1951. Clean, wide selection. Hundreds of tanks. Some real interesting display tanks. 1,000 gallon tropical display tank has clown loaches over 40 years old! Huge electric eel. Very unique koi display!!! Friendly staff! Goldfish selection was alright. Mostly specalize in tropical and saltwater but have very remarkable fish.


Wet Pets

This Store is by far the best Aquarium/Fish store ever. It is a superb store ranging from salt water to fresh water, and they dabble in a little bit of pond work(nothing to brag about though) but if you are ever in the area, definitely check it out for good deals and excellent selection of just about anything you need.



Is okay (helpful staff) but not a big store.

San Jose

Brians Fish World
185 Branham Lane
Brians Fish World Review:
The staff is helpful, the tanks are clean and well taken of, with a great selection of fish. I've bought several there over the years.

Santa Rosa


Great place to purchase fish, supplies, or just to walk around and look at all the beautiful fish. They have some great prices on tanks. We bought our 29 gallon tank there, and the salesperson was so friendly and helpful. He was very knowledgeable and everyone there seemed to be happy and enjoyed their work. All of the fish are healthy and happy and everything was clean and well kept.

El Monte

Lee's Aquarium and pet products
Flair DRV.1551
This was a great store it had arrowanas!!!

Sunnyvale California

Aquatic Life forms
1247 S. Mary Ave
(408) 245-9600

Ciclids are probably their specialty, but Aquatic Lifeforms usually has the best selection of sizes and types of healthy fancy goldfish in Silicon Valley. The owner goes to his supplier to individually pick out the goldfish for his store, and he is happy to keep an eye out for fish to meet special requests. Prices for big goldfish are lower than I've seen elsewhere in the Bay Area for high-quality fancies (and lots lower than the online auctions!). I always expect to see at least 4 or 5 tanks of fine fat big orandas and show-quality ryukins there, plus big lionheads when the owner can get them. Lately he's had huge velvety black moores. My big pretty calico telescopes and vivid red pompom telescope came from there too. Small and medium fancy goldfish usually include orandas, moores, ryukins (short tail and fantail), and sometimes pearlscales, lionheads, and/or bubble-eyes. Prices and varieties/species are clearly marked throughout the store. Tanks are always clean and well tended. Bettas are kept in bigger bowls than in most places--but still smaller than you'd keep one in permanently--and their water is always clean. The feeder fish are kept clean and healthy. And you will not find dyed or painted fish at this store. Caroline in San Jose

Daly City

315 Gellert Blvd

I have bought my fish there and the tanks always look clean w/ no dead fish floating. Even tho' the people that work there are young, they know what they're talking about and they're nice. Great assortments and varieties. This was Piggly and Wiggly's first home. "bichon2001"

La Mesa

Fountain's Aquarium
7575 University Ave

Fountain's Aquarium,
I LOVE this place! 1) it's FAMILY owned (their kids even work there!) - they sell animals for the love of it- not like some greedy corporation like the evil PETCO (where all they care about is making money) 2) it's clean! 3) the fish are very happy- (I swear, they're all smiling) 4) they have all of the goldfish types that I've ever read about 5) their prices are fair 6) they have AWESOME tanks for you to look at - check out the link, they have pics on it of the store 7) the people who work there are VERY informed, friendly, and helpful 8) did I mention that it's not PETCO PS- guys, if you can, please try to shop at more family owned (small business) places. Places like Petco don't care about the animals and to add insult to injury; they're putting these little guys out of business. PPS- I know that I might sound hypocritical since I just bought a fish at Petco a few days ago...but I did it to RESCUE him from the torture tank that he was "living" in. I did make a complaint to the company- and they did respond to me. They said that they would be making a phone call to the two stores that I had been to to find out what was going on. PPPS- If you're ever in Southern California- let me know! You'll LOVE Fountain's! "Lela"

San Mateo

Ultimate Aquarium
South El. Camino (about 4 minutes drive time BEFORE Hillsdale Mall)

AWESOME fish devoted store. They have koi in indoor pond conatiner things, fancy goldfish galore (even Bubble eyes), a wonderful tropical selection and some really spectacular marine eels that I drool over. Family owned and managed, plus they know a decent amount of fish care. Fish and merchandise prices are fairly expensive but thier fish at least are worth it. "TamtheLittleBlackMoor"

San Mateo

Fish For You
(Marina Shopping Center) 2996 AB S. Norfolk St
(650) 349-9147

Decent selection of goldies, wide variety of tropicals and almost every betta fin type available. Semi-expensive, but again, some of their fish are worth it. "TamtheLittleBlackMoor"

Los Angeles

Kyoto Aquarium
3952 Wilshire Blvd

(213) 487-7302

A wise old Japanese man has run this little store for 40 years (!) and it closes as late as 10 PM! He is very patient with beginners, gives great advice, all his fish are healthy, and he has a nice, small selection of live plants, goldfish, koi and some tropicals. For those of us goldfish owners trapped near Downtown L.A., it is a heavenly place. "dragonfly213"

Los Angeles

Roland Cheung from Goldfishworld/KoiStation 2006
4577 Valley Blvd

He had some very nice fish on ebay, and tons of good feedback (no negative ones), and he doesn't mind people walking off the street and visiting his store personally. I have to ask him if he has his own website. "Ranchugirl"

Palm Desert

Aquarium Odyssey
73950 Highway 111
(760) 837-1868

Review: #1
This is the best aquarium store! They are the most kind, helpful people I know! I dare you to call and ask a question and not get a wealth of info. They have beautiful fish, all quarantined, plenty of supplies, and cheap prices! They sold me a red dragoneye tosakin 7 inches for 10 dollars! I HIGHLY reccomend this place. "Mustloveoranda"
Review: #2
I second Aquarium Odyssey. It is, by far, the nicest and most goldfish knowledgeable store I've ever been to. And, in little Palm Desert, CA to boot. "Lynda Von G"

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