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Fry Food

Message Board / Forum. Goldfish Breeding. All Kinds Of Fry Food....

Posted by: Ranchugirl Feb 5 2004, 08:13 PM
Here are a few choices that any new fish parent has in feeding to his new expanded family.

- Liquifry comes in a bottle, and in two versions, Livebearer and Egglayer. Of course, with goldies we wonna go with the egglayer food. Just be careful not to add too much in the fry tank all at once, otherwise you are gonna get a mess.
- Eggyolk You can use the eggyolk of a hardboiled egg, crumble it in tiny winy pieces, add a few drops of water,mix it and off you go.....Same warning as with theliquifry - not too much, otherwise its a mess.
- Microworms are falling under the category of better quality fry food, and once obtained you can re-cultivate it over and over again. I got mine fromhttp://aquaticeco.com. All they need is a container oatmeal, mix it to a mixture with water, add yeast and the worm culture, and in a couple of days you see the tiny little things marching up the sides ofyour container. One swipe with a spoon or the finger, and you have 100s of the worms to worms to feed to your babies. I found those worms the best to catch, even for the weaker fry, since the worms are very slow moving, not like freshly hatched brine shrimp.
- Freshly hatched brine shrimp are another high quality food source for the fry. Eggs and salt are easily obtained in any petstore, just mix them togethr via instructions on the package, airstone in it, and done....Starsmom even tried it without airstone, and it worked just fine ....(See post below)
- Hikari First Bites provide complete and balanced nutrition for all the important development stages of your fry's life. They also promote proper feeding habits, long term health, and superior disease resistance, allowing your fry to grow rapidly without fear of dietary deficiencies. Slow sinking granules are great for all the newborn fish..(taken from the HIkari website). A few members have had great success with this food as well....

Anybody know of other great fry food, feel free to add on....

Posted by: Kev Feb 5 2004, 08:18 PM
Hey there andrea,

liquifry are now doing a powder food similar to hikari first bites, its called liquifry 3

Posted by: Ranchugirl Feb 5 2004, 08:20 PM
Kev A well researched new daddy.

Posted by: Kev Feb 5 2004, 08:21 PM
a well researched new daddy, about to go onto his next level

Posted by: Lynnie59 Feb 23 2004, 10:54 PM
Hello and thank you for your valuable input here! I especially liked your suggestion in case of power outage. we have that happen alot here.

Also the info about fry food, since we are new parents and very new to this, it is our first batch.... We have Shubunkins and Black Moor and Telescope, think the eggs are from the two Shubunkins, one is Calico one is Silver with orange and grey spots. They are about 4" long without tails.

We have the babies in a baby basket hanging in the parents 60 gallon tank, and feeding them, but it doesnt. seem they are eating all that much yet? Think today is day 3.... There are 6 fry right now. Should we see them eating right away after feeding? We are giving the liquid fry for egg layers and livebearers so far. Will add boiled egg yolks soon. Just don't know how much to feed them since they are so tiny right now?.

Don't want to under or overfeed, better to overfeed?

any tips for us? thank you.


Posted by: Ranchugirl Feb 24 2004, 09:25 PM
Lynn, the first 3 days or so the fry does not eat at all. It has a little sac attached to it, that contains all the nutrients it needs for the first few days, and after that it needs to be fed. Any food you through in while its still living off of the sac, its gonna be a waste, since the fry will not eat it.
YOu only need the egglayer fry food. And when the fry are hungry, yes, you should see them go after the food pretty much right away. The liquid food, as well as the egg yolk, tends to get a bit messy when fed too much. With just 6 fry, all you need is one drop of the liquifry, that contains so many tiny particals, it should get them eating for a while.

Posted by: Kev Mar 4 2004, 03:43 PM
ok so today i finally managed to find some FROZEN baby brine shrimp..... it owns .

sooooooooo easy and seems like it will last forever, real cheap and very very good, i will still feed live fresh hatched but now theres no worry to get them hatched, if i dont have time i can just use these... yayyyyyyyyyyyy

A++++ for frozen baby brine

Posted by: Orandaman Mar 25 2004, 05:54 PM
So your fry are grown to be 1" or better. Time to step up to grown-up food but mouths are still too small? Can find these at a kitchen gadget section of department stores.

Feeding our favorite pellet or flake food to fry can be easily accomplished with a pepper http://us.f2.yahoofs.com/bc/401ed04d_8b08/bc/Goldfish/Tables/Grater+and+Mill.jpg?BCUA4YABRFLE2L8y or ceramic cheese http://us.f2.yahoofs.com/bc/401ed04d_8b08/bc/Goldfish/Tables/Grater+and+Mill.jpg?BCUA4YABRFLE2L8y.

Pellets and flake we use for our big goldfish are usually too big for fry. So, we need to crush it or soak and mush it before feeding to the fry. Often time we don't get the uniform coarseness we need desire. Here are two common kitchen tools that will help get that exact size you need consistently.

For pellets, try using a pepper mill. (Use a new one or clean out the pepper really good else your goldfish fry will have a real bad case of heartburn.) Spoon in what you need for the day and grate the amount of food you need directly into the tank. Most pepper mills have an adjustment nut to give you the coarseness desired.

For flakes, place a pinch of food on the ceramic grater. Rub your finger over between the flakes and the raised nubs of the grater until you get the coarseness desired.

Posted by: blinky000 Jul 31 2004, 10:27 PM
all the fry ive fed liquifry hadnt started growing for about 4 weeks after they hatched. i had just as much success feeding crushed flakes and pellets. egg yolk i had more success with. algea is surprisingly good too. the best so far that ive tried is the fresh hatched brine shrimp. its totally fool proof and the fry grow faster and it teaches them to hunt for their food therefore making them stronger as they chase them. fun to watch too

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