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Pet Stores in New York


Pacific Aquarium
46 Delancy Street
(212) 995 5895
Review #1:
Specializing in ornamental goldfish.

Review #2:
It's such a nice store, I've never seen so many goldfish in one store. Take F train to Delancy/Essex street and walk towards the east side.

Review #3:
There were a lot of incredible fish there! The tanks were well kept, if over stocked in some. The Huge Goldies (It would take two hands to hold one) were in a 150 gal and there were only about 10 in it. I was impressed with that. They had lots of frozen foods and the staff was friendly.

2604 Broadway
Review #1:
I like this store for the pearlscales they carry(very nice calico and crown pearlscales). They do have other fish, but the main reason I go there is the pearlscales. Take 1/9 train to 96th Street, the store is between 98 & 99th on Broadway.


Coral Aquarium

Take the F,E,7,G,R,V To Roosevelt. Stay towards the back. 1 block from the subway next to Chase Bank. They keep the tanks clean, have a wide variety, and are inexpensive. Got my pearlscale there for $9.99. They have a respect for fish.


Brooklyn Aquarium
9th Street between 6th and 5th Aves
You take the F train to 7th Avenue (stay in the next to last car!) Once u get out the train station you just walk down the slope (steep street) that is 9th Street. I buy a majority of my fish from that store. Sometimes they dont have the fish properly listed... I got lucky and wound up with 2 Edo Nishiki ranchus that were listed as lionheads... rofl! Ive only seen the tanks there in poor condition twice in the 3 years Ive been going.


Arcade Center Farm

All the fish I bought from there were healthy, and she even keeps her feeder goldfish in great conditions.


Fishtown USA

No information at this time.

North Tonawanda

The Fish Place

Clean tanks, very knowing staff, and amazing stock. I drove all over the Buffalo area and saw some horrible fish stores. This one is the best !


Blue Lagoon
2405 Harlem Road
Cheektowaga(right outside of Buffalo)New York
#(716) 893-5169

In my thinking, this store is "A petlovers dream that became a reality". This place has got it all!!! From goldies to guppies and from guppies to puppies! Everytime I come to Buffalo to visit my grandmother, I make it my mission to come to this store. The best part about it is that they always sell high quality goldfish there...and at a reasonable price too! I give this place 2 thumbs up!

New York

Pacific Aquarium
46 Delancey Street
(212) 995-8041

This is a great ornamental goldfish shop. All they sell are fish and fish supplies. They have the biggest selection of goldies. They have babies and large ones. Also they have some tropicals and cichlids. They carry an array of aquarium supplies as well. Small store and is kind of cramped but the fish I get are always healthy. It is Chinatown and owned by Chinese folk. Very knowledgable and friendly and they love to give discounts!

New York

New World Aquarium
204 E. 38th ST.

Its hard to find a LFS in the big city since its popularized by all those chain Pet*this, Pet*that store. I was fortunate enough to come across this one googling for "Kanaplex" on the web. It was the ONLY store out of alot of this area that carried it and they carry a wide range of medications and all your water needs too. Inside the "Ocean Room" are fully stocked fish tanks with exotic fish of all types. Best of all, I think the prices beat most of those chain store prices. I'll def go back when I need to get stuff to set up my new tank

Lindenhurst, NY (Suffolk County, Long Island)

South Shore Tropicals
463 Park Ave, Lindenhurst, NY 11757
(631) 225-6794

This LFS usually has a great selection of freshwater plants and fish. The tanks are always clean and I've hardly ever seen dead fish there. And if there is, they will remove it if you tell them. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and always willing to help out. Of course this wouldn't be a good review if I didn't say anything about thier goldfish selection: I am pretty picky when it comes to the goldfish I get, but I've seen some pretty decent size and shapes there, of all colors as well. From Ryukins to Bubble Eyes, with an occasional Ranchu here and there. And thier prices are great. Definitely worth a look if you're local or in the area. I get all my freshwater plants and fish from here. Thier saltwater selection is only so-so however.

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