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Goldfish Disease

On this page we will discuss the General goldfish diseases that are out there. If you need any help please go the the
Goldfish Message Board There we can help you out more effectively.
Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish Fish

Ichtyopthirius is the most common of all the diseases. It is actually a parasite that attaches to the goldfish when they are stressed. When they attach themselves they are feeding off the goldfish, they look like little grains of salt. After a day or two they fall off the goldfish, landing in the gravel. They procede to lay their eggs and then the cycle starts all over again. This can be deadly if not taken care of and they will rapidly reproduce.Ick Photo

FishFin Rot
Is a common problem for goldfish when they get an injury to the fins or body. Fin rot is an infection specifically a bacterial infection that occurs when a goldfish is already weak from something else. It appears as a whitish edge on the fins, then the fins rot away looking ragged and torn, sometimes fungus sets in. Most of the time this is easily cured.
Fin Rot Photo

There are many types of fungi and can be broken down more into different categories. I'm just going to talk about the general fungus and that is normally a white cottony looking stuff that will infect an open wound. This again is a bacterial infection and needs immediate attention.

I'm not going to get into detail about this and there are people out there that can explain this better than I. Dropsy is a bacterial infection that infects the fish from the inside and you will see the scales sticking out from the goldfish's body. Normally when you see this stage of it the goldfish will most likely not live for much longer.Dropsy Photo

FishPop Eye
The fishes eye is bulging out of the socket. This is normally the first signs of Dropsy. You can stop it with meds. Popeye photo

FishAnchor Worm
A white stick like worm will be sticking out of the goldfish with a red ring where it is attached. The fish normally will be rubbing against anything to get rid of it.anchor worms

FishFish Lice
This is not a pretty thing to look at, once you see it on your fish you will know what I mean. It's a greenish disk shape creature about 1/5 of an inch wide and attaches itself to the goldfish. The goldfish will be rubbing up against anything to get it off. You will also see red spots where the fish louse was. There is ways of getting rid of them but you must to it fast cause they do reproduce quickly. You can remove them from the fish manualy, then treat the tank for the ones you dont see. Photo

FishSwim Bladder Disorder
This is not a Disease its a problem. Goldish with is problem have a floating problem either they are sinkers or floaters. The Fancy goldfish in general seem to have this problem. High levels of nitrates and bad water quality can cause this problem.

FishBody And Gill Flukes
Excessive slime coat, isolation, clamped fins, scratching and flashing, sores and ulcers as the result of the scratching. With gill flukes, it is gasping at the surface, gills being irritated.

FishHole-in-the-head Disease
Small holes appear in the fish's body, usually in the head region. These may gradually develop into tubular eruptions with cream-colored or yellow strings of mucus trailing from them. Fish are lethargic, stop eating and may develop a hollow-bellied appearance. Faeces may become pale and stringy. Lesions may also develop at base of fins and along lateral line, and fins and skin may also erode, body may become milky in appearance and slime coat begins to come off in strands.

Gasping at the surface, slime patches around head and gills, sudden death (especially in spring), small hemorrhages under chin, spider web kind of lesions.

Irritated skin, flashing and scratching, which can lead to ulcers.

Flashing and scratching, thick slime coat, white-yellowish patches on the skin.

Cottony growth or white threads blowing out of mouth, lethargy, clamped fins, thick heavy slime coat, dry skin.

FishMelanophore Migration
Often a paling of the skin followed by black patches on body, usually on back or sides of fish.
Photo: ( Common Goldfish with Melanophore Migration, a week after black spots first began to show.)

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