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Welcome To my Frequently Asked Questions page. These are very good questions about goldfish and are most common ones too. If theres not an answer to your question on this page feel free to go the the Message Board myself or some one else will be able to help you!


From: Sparklescales
I think that i have the right kind of plants, - foxtail type. I have never bred them either, so i was wondering if you knew an easy way to cool the tank down. I've been using those BLUE - ICE blocks that are for traveling coolers for about a week, but i cant get the temp. down below 70'. I'm also afraid that these might rupture and poison my fish. I've never heard of or seen a cooling device, only heaters. Also, What exactly do the eggs look like? I have guppies in the tank too, so they may eat them before i notice the eggs. ( i dont even know if my fish aren't the same sex, though!)

The Reply
My tank is usually at 72* to 76* in the spring and the winter it drops down to 69 to 70. The only cooling systems for goldfish are very expensive and normally you can order them from a good pet store. They range from 400.00 to 1,000.00 dollars and thats why i don't have one. To tell the male from females are: 1. the males if you look very carefully at the gills you will see little bumps like ick. 2. The females get a very large butt. 3. The males will chase the females all around the tank and the colors get brighter than in the winter time. I have just recently put guppies in my tank too and yes they will eat the eggs also the guppies babies will get eaten by the goldfish because of the way they swim at first. They dart around the tank so the goldfish think there larva and so they go after them.



Kim Buehning
The Reply
Koi's live the longest in the goldfish family. Most fancy goldfish will live from 5 to 10 years old in a tank. All fancy goldfish will breed with each other, so calicos or telescopes, moors or any goldfish will breed with each other. To raise baby goldfish, well thats a hard thing to do.

1. You will need at least three tanks. One for the parents and the others for the babies (about 5 gals each) with a heater at 66* or 74*.
2. Once the parents lay eggs you will have to remove the eggs from the tank and put them into one of the other tanks so the parents don't eat them.
3. Then you will have to watch the eggs and take out eggs that are white in color (pearl color) those ones will not be fertilized and will start to grow fungus on them.
4. With in 2 days or so they will start to hatch.
5. When the goldfish have hatched do not change the water but make sure that no scum is on the top of the water, so you need a small air stone to aerate the water. Baby goldfish will start to take there first breath at the top of the water so you don't want any type of debris on the top of the tank.
6. At this time you need to raise the heater about two degrees more.
7. At ten days you will need to start feeding them three times a day with baby brine shrimp, ground up hard boiled egg yolks or you can give them liquid baby food or flake food but you need to make sure the water in the tank when you feed them doesn't spoil. So don't feed them very much.
8. Also at ten days you will need to cull them. This means to discard any goldfish that are missing fins eyes or deformed in any way, so they don't breed and cary the genes on in other fish. When you cull them you might want to see if the pet store wants them.
9. At 30 days you will need to cull again to get rid or move the small ones out of the tank or the bigger ones will eat them up.
10. Then you will need move at least half of them to the other tank and start feeding them more of the adult food with the baby food.
11. At two months you will need change the water (5-10%) once a week. They should be eating adult food by now. koko

How long do Goldfish Live?

Hi, My Name is Martha, I was wondering do you know what the life expectancy of a gold fish is? How long do they usually live, taken care of properly? thank you, Martha
The Reply
do you keep your fish outside? Because inside the temp. of my tank is about 70'-75' all year. I have an outside tub w/comets, but i'm afraid to put my fantails out, too. One is the size of a baseball- even if you chopped her fins off! She was very expensive, and im afraid she'll die or get eaten by something outside.
The Reply
How to tell the sexes and how to breed
lucie rana
I would like to know if we can tell which one is female or male,and how would i go about to get them to breed,and how old do they have to be to start breeding? lucie
The Reply
A very long cool period (*65 or so)in the winter followed by a gradual warming period in the spring triggers gold fish to breed, this is why they only breed once a year in some places (if you have more cooling periods in a year then you may get them to breed more often). A male will breed with any female, so they dont have pair bonds. Males will chase females during courtship, as their colors will intensify. It is only possible to sex adult fish during the spring breeding. Females butts will enlarge with eggs. Males will get white bumps on the gills and pectoral fins. This is NOT ick, but breeding tubicles. Goldfish normally have to be about 2 or 3 years old before they will mate and four to six inches in length.


Fin Rot

James Harlan
Hi! I have two fantail goldfish that is showing all signs of having fin and tail rot. It looks really bad , how contagious is it? And how do I get rid of it? Helpless
The Reply
Well this is a contagious disease and it is caused mostly by the fight of two fish sometimes and it just contracted. You should net the fish and hold him in the shallow water, using a Q-tip, swap the infected area with Mercurochrome. ( you can find it at a drug store) Also make sure it doesnt hit the goldfish in the eyes or the gills. Hold the goldfish for a moment so the meds get a chance to work and not run off in the tank, but make sure his head and gills are in the water while your doing this or you'll kill him. Then let him back into the tank. You will also need to put aquriuam salt into the tank to help and to prevent further spread of the fin rot. About 1 1/2 teaspoons per gal of water.


Fish Food

The Reply
You can feed goldfish frozen peas, lettuce, corn, they love live plants from the pet store or freezed dried shrimp.

Fish Lice Question One

Kimberly Segura
Hello, I recently purchased a red cap oranda goldfish two days ago, i've noticed little spots on his rear fins which looks like small butterflies. He has three on the outside rear and one fairly large one on the inside of his back fin also there seems to be one developing on his dorsal fin. What are these and what can I buy to rid my fish of these?? K. Segura
The Reply
Okay I need just a little more info. 1. does the small spots look light greenish to light brown in color. 2. its it round in shape and how big is it? 3. does it look like a parasite or a disease?


Fish Lice

Kimberly Segura
Hello Again, They are spots light greenish in color, this morning he has developed 4 more on the same fin. I've also noticed he's been lying on the bottom of the tank more.
The Reply
Well I'm really sorry to say but he got fish lice. The best way to get rid of this parasite is to got to the local fish store and ask for clout or another lice med. If there's only one or two of them you normally can get them off you self but its sounds like you have more than that. Also you need to treat him in the same tank to kill off any other ones that are just in the tank. Then after you see no more in there or on him use mercurochrome. With a Q-tip swap the sores with it this help the sores to heal up or you'll get more infections. You can find mercurochrome at any drug store. Fish lice is very contagious.


Swimm Bladder Problem

we have a lionhead in our outside pool. for a month now it has been spending its time belly up in the pool. if flipped over she will swim for a bit then over again. does she have flipover as we have been checking the internet. we have put in a place alone and added more salt. we have also tried peas and a crystal of epsom salts. Please let us know what we can do. thanks JSPRAGUE26
The Reply
Well if you have tried the peas for about a month then she might just be stuck like this for ever. Some fish I have seen to live like this and have no problem as long as they can eat and be happy. Just try feeding peas everyday of her life. But really the swim bladder problem is really hard to treat.


Just a little about food and a Thank you

Linda C
Dear Koko: Thank you for the excellent advice you sent my way about swimbladder disease. I now soak all foods before putting them into the tank,and my one fish has not floated since. I was getting desperate about her cause she was always upside down but now she seems fine. I would like to know though if there are some foods she shouldn't have, such as bread and cracker crumbs,etc. Once again, thank you. I was getting ready to try that "Chinese Method" until I realized that all I had to do was soak any flakes for a while before feeding, and that did the trick. Sincerely, Linda C Oberlin,OH
The Reply
I wouldn't use crackers or bread that actually swells in there stomach too. I have been using Roman lettuce for them to snack on and they love it. Get a lettuce clip from a pet store and put a leaf of the roman lettuce on the clip and let them nibble on it all day till its mostly gone or has wilted. My babies just love to nibble on it. You also can give the dried shrimp, brime shrimp, peas (non salted) and corn. Goldfish will eat just about anything but some things will get them sick so I always found it good to check with the pet stores or ask someone like my self or find some books on goldfish thats how I found out about the lettuce.


Cleaning sick goldfish tank

I am a beginner with goldfish, and just got an orange and white Ryuk in for a 2 gallon tank at my office. He is still VERY small. I enjoyed him so much(and after reading this and other sites) I decided to get a bigger tank and move him home. I got and Eclipse 10 gallon tank and got one more Ryukin to keep him company... however that fish stayed at the top of the tank from the moment I put him in, seemed sick and died the next day (his fins were very frayed and lacy-looking). I still want to bring the fish from my office home, though. How do I safely clean the 10 gallon Eclipse so that it will be safe for my office fish? I read that bleach would work, but how do I clean the filter and bio-wheel in the Eclipse and ensure the beach is fully rinsed? My fish at work is so happy - his name is Prozac... I'm not moving him until I am sure he will be OK. BTW - I tested the water at home in the 10 gallon for PH and Nitrates and it was fine, plus added some CYCLE to put the good bacteria in the water, so I think the water was OK - that fish was probably sick when I brought him home. Thanks for any help you can give Susan
The Reply
Well the filter you can just get a new one. The bio wheel you really don't clean it that much. What you need to do to clean the bio wheel is: put one finger on one side of the fold and one on the other side of the fold and run you fingers back and forth on the fold and repeat this on all the folds. The reason you don't want to clean the bio wheel with any thing chems. is that the bio wheel only keeps the good juices when the water passes by. If a fish is sick in the tank the bad juice will get trapped in the reg filter not the bio wheel. I think if you just clean the tank, all the ornaments, rocks in the tank, put new water in the tank then let the tank cycle for about a week with out the goldfish you should do fine. If you would like a fish in the tank to help the bio mass out you could add a beta fish in the tank, but be aware that you will have to remove the beta after you want the goldfish in the tank. The goldfish will nip at the betas fins and kill him. I use a beta in my hospital tank when no one is sick so it can cycle. When a goldfish becomes sick i just take him out and put him in a bowl, then when I'm done with the tank I do the same thing as in cleaning the tank and start over again. Then put the beta back in.


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