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Goldfish Books
These are books that members and my self have found Very useful to us and our goldfish.

Fancy goldfish
Fancy goldfish, a complete guide to care and collecting*, written by Dr. Erik Johnson and Rick Hess.... Full of help of any kind, from basic fish keeping, to goldfish breeds, housing, illness prevention and medication, feeding, breeding, to special sections about Chinese and Japanese fish development, as well as a special ranchu section by Isaak Kroshinsky, a US breeder of ranchu...Oh, and did I mention lots of pictures!!
Review done by RanchuGirl

Goldfish breeding and genetics

Goldfish breeding and genetics by Joseph Smartt and James H. Bundell..This one is for anybody interested in breeding and rearing fry..It has everything from the evolution of the goldfish, varieties, goldfish genetics, management of a huge stock, rearing, culling and selecting of goldies, as well as showing and judging. Lots of gorgeous pictures of fish, as well as setups, fry and so on...
Review done by RanchuGirl

Goldfish and Fancy Goldfish (AQUALOG Special series)

The fishes featured in this book are not just identified by their name but also code number. AQUALOG has developed an ingenious code number system which labels every known or newly discovered fish (incl. breeding forms etc.)with an individual code number. This number remains, despite any scientific renaming. Moreover, it enables you to communicate internationally about any fish without the danger of confusion regarding local names!
Review done by RanchuGirl


This book is for everybody who loves to look at common and very uncommon goldfish. Its not much help when it comes to care and diseases, since most of the book is written in Chinese, but it has pictures of fish that we only can dream of! It has some gorgeous pictures of Chinese aquariums and ponds, as well as drawings of goldfish...There are numerous pics of the common goldfish, fantail, wakin, ryukin, tosakin, lionhead, ranchu, oranda, bubble eyes, as well as rather uncommon fish like the longfinned pearlscale, oranda with headgrowth you wouldnt believe, crowned pearlscale, moor with headgrowth, pearlscaled moor, 4 bubbled bubble eye, celestials and bubble eyes with dorsal fin, phoenix, froghead, and my favorite, the purple headed oranda!
Review done by RanchuGirl

Chinese Goldfish

This book I find particularly interesting since it has been written by a Chinese specialist in goldfish, and contains a lot of aspects of goldfish breeding and keeping in the asian culture. There is a great history about goldfish in there, as well as some gorgeous pictures of Chinese zoos and parks, which have huge sections, tanks and ponds included in their exhibits. The author refers to the goldfish as *flower of the water*, and I have to agree with him... There are also some great pictures of chinese art and decor of goldfish like plates, fans, mirrors and daily subjects of life, as well some extraordinary stamps that I wouldnt mind having.. Some very intersting articles about the chinese way of raising goldfish with much less sophisticated equipment, and they produce such gorgeous results! Or course, there is the regular section with goldfish keeping, disease prevention and treatment.... What impressed me the most about this book are the beautifully done containers, tubs and aquariums the Chinese keep their goldfish in, from very simple terra cotta containers to elaborate and hand painted basins, as well as those beautiful antique looking aquariums, with metal edges all around! And all of this is supplemented with gorgeous pictures of all kinds of goldfish and setups!!
Review done by RanchuGirl

The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums

I love 'The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums' (David E. Boruchovitz), They're brilliant books and actually I've got most of the info. I ever needed from those three, especially the Boruchovitz book.
Review done by emmahj

Understanding Coldwater Fish

They're brilliant books and actually I've got most of the info. I ever needed from those three, especially the Boruchovitz book.
Review done by emmahj

Kingyo - the Artistry of Japanese Goldfish

You want a good book? I mean a really good book? Well, this is it!! There are no care questions in there, nothing about food, housing, parasites, medications, nada. And still, this is one of the best books I have seen so far on goldfish. This book is done by somebody who really loves those fish, and it is all about the pride and love that the Japanese have for the goldfish. It tells how the country feels about their breeding, what they have accomplished all those years since the first goldfish got imported from China. And the book tells the story without words - its all pictures. Pictures coming from the heart, and that love expressed in so many daily aspects of life - on pottery, paintings, drawings, fabric, statues, photographs. And thats what the book is full of!! Wonderful pictures of all kinds of goldfish, ancient paintings, pottery work, plates, fine art, and each contains a goldfish of some kind. There is one little story in the book, translated from an 1930's anecdote about a young goldfish breeder, who has set out to breed the perfect goldfish, that he desires to be as beautiful as the love of his life, an unreachable daughter of a rich businessman. Year after year he fails with this project, and he puts all those odd new breeds into an big old pond and never thinks of those again. After a horrible act of nature all his breeder fish have died, and all thats left of his collection are the fish in that old pond. And guess where he finds the most desired goldfish treasure of them all? This is a feast for the eyes, a book especially welcome by artists who see the beauty in things. Nancy, Bubblesowner, Jsrtist (just a few off the top of my head), you would love that book. Every fish keeper who got captivated by the beauty of our finned friends will get lost devouring all those gorgeous works of art. I mean, we are talking about almost 400 pages full of goldfish love here! Found it at Amazon.com for a little over $25, shipping was free..... Go and treat yourself!.
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