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Welcome to Koko's tank page!

Updating this page (11-13-07). Alot has happened since this page was made. First off I only have one goldfish tank 80Gals, that I bought from a friend that didnt need it anymore. The filters on this tank are 2 350pengiuns , a 450 canister with a UV 8watt to keep it clear, and a bubbler for the little ones to play in. There isnt any rocks in the tank, just big flat marbles for them to play with also a small log with an Anubis atached to it.
The tank houses 2 female Orandas that are 7" long, 1 Ranchu that is 5" long, 1 calico telescope 3" long, 1 Moor broadtail 2"long, 1 Lionhead 3" long, and 2 bristlenose plecos.

As you can see in this photo the tank is very big. I can barely reach the bottom of the tank on my tippy toes. I do weekly water changes of 40% on this tank. Change the filter pads every week, but only on one filter per water change, then the next change is another filter. Never change all the filter pads in the same water change, this will cause your tank to have to play catch up with the bio-bugs.

These are my 2 big girls in the tank. Both of them are so big that you need two hands to pick them up. They both can eat 5 nightcrawlers in one gulp. All my fish get feed gel food that I make once a month and nightcrawlers once a week for a treat, then lastly once a month fasting for a day after a day of peas. This helps to keep them clean inside and keeps Flip Over from coming on.

This is Sonar. Hes a mix fish, as you can see hes got the shubukin colors but hes a telescope fish. Hes one of the shy fish in the tank.

I have a couple of plants in my tank to help with the nitrates and the algae that would build up in my tank.

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