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Louisville,KY Koi And Goldfish Society 2007

The show started on Saturday 5/26 and ended on Sunday 5/27. The show was at the home of Charles and Carolyn Phelps. The show was very well set up, koi's under one tent and goldfish and vendors under another tent. SouthWest koiandGoldfish were the only goldfish selling vendors there, but there fish were amazing. They had an Oranda there that must have been 15" long, just amazing fish. They did have a banquet but I didnt attend it. The Goldfish for the showing were amazing fish and I will show you them and some of the other fish that were for sale there too. Also show you some amazing Koi's they had there for show and for sale.The only sad thing was that I didnt get to see the Goldfish Winners, I showed up to late, actually i got lost. .....
By Koko

This is the first tank of fish, they were amazing to see there.
Second tank there.
Third tank there. One of my Favorate fish.
Fourth tank there, seems like every fish there was just amazing to look at.
These guys were some of the smaller show fish, but still great looking guys.
The Ryukin was a big boy there, very nice hump and quite active.
I really liked the Panda Telescope both fish were small in size but great looking fish.
Here we have RanchuGirls favorate fish the Pearlscale, nice looking girl the fish. lol
Now this Orandas coloring caught my attention, would have loved to find out who owened this one.
Another good looking Ryukin, nice hump and good coloring.
These guys were small, good looking fish, but were shy.
Now some of the photos you will see from here down are from the SouthWest KoiandGoldfish, and I can say these fish are just amazing. They do ship fish to your home, if you email them or call them, tell them what you want they will try there best to find a fish that you want. Mike and Ron both were great guys to talk to..
These were some fish they had in a tank.
Then they had some in a big tub, just wait till you see the big one in there.
This was the biggest Oranda I have seen in person. This fish must have been atleast 15" long, this guy was an amazing fish.
Another tank they had with some amazing goldfish, just wish I had room to take some home.
Here are the Koi's that were there, wont talk much about them, as I dont have that much information about Koi's.
For more photos from the show please check out KY Koi and Goldfish Show 2007
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