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Pictures Of Nature's Coast Koi 2004

This is Nature's Coast 4. koi and 1. goldfish show. For anybody not knowing, the club is located in west Central Florida, in Old Town, and there were 34 goldfish in the show, which is a great number, considering this is their first goldfish show! We arrived there a day early, Friday evening, to have some extra time Saturday morning. After all, this was a 160 mile trip each way. The show itself was on the grounds of a watergarden and pottery store, and they sold a few goldfish and tropicals as well. .....
By RanchuGirl

Click the images for the bigger image

Here we have the show area, with around 20 tanks for the koi to be judged.
The club booth, where raffle tickets could be bought, prizes were displayed as well as new members recruited. The gentleman in the middle is Johnny Foster, the boss in charge of the goldfish show part....
Koi judge Lester Berkoff helps a few willing koi buyers on what to look for in a quality koi.... BTW, the gorgeous young man in the red shirt is my hubby!...
And one very important aspect of any show - food for the soul!!
And now to the goldfish part!! Terry Cusick, the goldfish judge, has a look at some of the displayed fish together with Gaye Langley, who drove a whopping 350 miles from Georgia to attend the show!...
Johnny Foster's shubunkin....
Lester Berkoff's two ryukin...
One of my fish - he is a new one, I got him from Tommy Hui a few weeks back, and he has some stunning coloration.
A gorgeous puppy face of an oranda!
Gaye Langley's beautiful butterfly telescope, also a newer fish of hers, bought at the Atlanta show....
A sweet, and big, Hamanishiki (crowned pearlscale), owned by Johnny Foster...
A happy calico Fantail, which was up and around all day long!
Gaye Langley's small black, and soon to be orange, oranda, winning the group of fish 3 inches and smaller. He had to compete with around 9 other fish!
Oh, look, chocolate!! With pompoms! Can I have a slice, please?
And now the most important part - the winners of the show!! Here we have the Reserve Grand Champion, a totally white 8 inch ryukin, bought in Petsupermarket of all places, and owned my moi!....
And last the winner of the day - a gigantic red/white ryukin, 9 inches, with an attitude. There was nothing more beautiful at the show than this one, and its owned by Gaye Langley! Congratulations on the Grand Champion, girl!!

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