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Northwest Koi and Goldfish Show of 2009
Submited by:Koko

Welcome to the Northwest Koi and Goldfish Show of 2009. I have taken some photos of some great looking fish from the goldfish show. Some of these fish were in the contest and others were being sold from vendors. I met some great people there and a few members from the board. I will also be posting links to some of the vendors that I met that make goldfish jewelery and such.

For more photos of the show Click here
and Here

These are Members that I met while I was and my assistant for the day.

Here a list of great vendors that I met while I was there.

Jeannie's Koi and Gifts
Jeannie makes wonder peices of goldfish and koi art, ranging from plates to earrings to also tiles. She will make these out of photos of your own fish.

Arts and Crafts by Jenny & Allen Fertuna
This is a family owned business, they were making ornaments, bags and very beautiful oil paints.

Patti Grafix
They had tiles, cutting boards and many other koi and goldfish art painted crafts.

HH Tropical Fish
These guys were selling koi and goldfish food but also very impressive goldfish there, which me and another member bought one from.

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