Name of disease: Velvet

Other names: Oodinium

Type of disease: Parasite

Occurrence: common

Symptoms include:Flashing and scratching, thick slime coat, white-yellowish patches on the skin.

Caused by: Just like Ich, Velvet will produce little swarmers of new parasites that will go all over the tank within a few days. Velvet mostly comes into the tank via not quarantined fish, so the best solution in preventing that parasite is either not to introduce new fish at all to a tank, or quarantine the fish and treating the fish accordingly, after searching for parasites with the microscope.

Treatment: Salt is not very effective, but QuickCure for 3 days, or any medication containing Formalin will do the trick. So does Copper, although Copper can be a bit harsh on the fish..

Medications: QuickCure, Maracyn, and medications with formalin