Goldfish Types

There are many types of goldfish, but they all orignated from the the gibel carp from the streams of China. They have all been breed to look different in color, shape and size...

Single Tailed Goldfish
Comets Slender in body shape and have long single tail fin. They are very hardy fish and will grow on an average of 12-14" long. 1a
Commons Slender in body shape like a Comet goldfish, but they have a short sleek tail fin. Another hardy fish to keep and will grow to an average size of 12-14" long. 2a
Shubunkins Slender in body like the comets and commons, but should show in color the violet, red, orange, yellow and with spots of black (calico colors). Also these colors should run into the fins too.There is 2 differnt kinds of this fish London and Bristols. 3a
Double Tailed Goldfish
Sakura "sakura" goldfish is any fancy breed that sports the "matte" characetristic in which the majority of the scales are semitransparent but with a sprinkling of several metallic scales and carrying only red pigmentation on its otherwise pinkish-white body. In other words, a calico goldfish minus the black and the blue 4a
Wakins Slender in shape just like the common goldfish but the tail fin is split just like the fantail godlfish, but the tail fin should be flater. Most of them come in colors of white, white and orange or just orange, calico ones are that common. 4a
Jikins Slender in shape just like the common goldfish but the tail is completely spil outward. The color of this fish only comes in one kind. the body of the fish should be white and the fins, lips and gill plates should be red to orange.
Double Tailed with Dorsal Fin Goldfish
Fantail Egg shape body with long doubled or short tail fins. They are somewhat hardy fish. These are the starting point of all the fancy goldfish. 6a
Pearlscale Egg shaped goldfish but normally their mid region is much larger than most of the other egg shaped goldfish. The scales have a pearl raised appearance. They come in many different colors . 7a
Oranda Egg shaped body with head growth (wen). The wen growth should be well deleveloped.Fin length should be long and flowing. 8a
Ryukin Close looking to the fantail goldfish, but they have a hump back to them that starts just after the head of the goldfish. 9a
Moors A velvetly black colored Goldfish with telescope eyes and an egg shaped body. They don't come in any other colors than black 10a
Telescope Egg shaped goldfish with telescope eyes. There are many different kinds of telescoped goldfish, they should have long flowing fins. They also come in many colors and different sized eyes. 11a
Pompom Egg shaped fish either with or without fins. The Pom-Pons you see are the nostrils in excessive development. Some fish have it very lighly and others have very big ones. 12a
Demekin A cross between a ryukin and a telescope goldfish. They have a high arched back with telescoped eyes. 13a
Veiltail Long flowing fins that droops off the body. The fins look like a veil of a bride head dress. Body is an egged shaped and the color of the fish comes in many colors. 14a
Double Tailed with No Dorsal Fin Goldfish
Eggfish Egg shaped goldfish, but this fish has long flowing fins. Very rare fish to find. some people call them phoenix eggfish. No dorsal fin on this fish. 15a
Lionhead Egg shaped goldfish, but its back is pretty much in a straight line with head growth on it. No dorsal fin on this fish. 16a
Ranchu Egg shaped goldfish, but its back is curved then you will see a tail tuck of 90* with head or with out growth on it. No dorsal fin on this fish. 16a
Celestial Egg shaped goldfish, but its eyes are pointing up words to the sky. No dorsal fin on this fish. 17a
Bubble Eye Egg shaped fish like the celestial with large, fluid-filled sacks under the eyes. These fish require special tanks with no sharp objects. No dorsal fin on this fish. 18a